• Joakim Dalen

Makeover Monday week 6

Oppdatert: 27. feb. 2019

The challenge for week 5 in Makover monday was to visualise the size of the Chinese Spring Festival compared to The Halloween celebration in the US. There were several interesting metrics on the two hollidays, but the one I found most intersting was the enourmous amount of travels done by the Chinese. So the main goal of this visualisation was simply to point the size of this amount.

I did some calculations afterwards and found that if each travel were 100 km on average, the combined traveldistance of the chinese equals 70 000 trips around the world.. If you traveled at the speed of light ( 300 000 km/s) it would take you 10 days and 19 hours to travel the same distance.

Since there are so few numbers in this visualisation I ended up just making it in powerpoint.

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